Lunch with the Chamber of Commerce

On this past Thursday, July 20, Native Prairie Hemp had the opportunity to hold a lunch for the Chamber of Commerce. Hosted at The Cider House in Garden City, MO, it featured a presentation on hemp and Native Prairie Hemp’s role in hemp production, BigYield and their strengths and goals, and Native Prairie VIP Hunting, given by Daphne Cook, John Ortiz, and Jon Gillotte, respectively. In addition, we raffled products and items we promote, making for a fun and lighthearted ending to the lunch. With around thirty people rooted in local businesses attending, we feel lucky to promote our name and mission to our community. Our goal is to mitigate environmental concerns by growing hemp and encouraging hemp production while bolstering our local economy by incorporating hemp production into more farmers’ and producers’ routines. To accomplish this, we need help from our community and local businesses.

The business people in attendance came from different fields and industries, such as newspapers, packaging and production, politics, city government, and more. The Chamber of Commerce in Harrisonville aims to stimulate the economy and engage the community, oftentimes through supporting small businesses. Members of small businesses benefit from working together, such as building each other’s client base while introducing connections and suggesting ways to collaborate. Because of our willingness to work together, the Chamber of Commerce facilitates the growth of businesses by simply gathering owners and partners of companies into one space. We enjoyed conversing with local companies and informing them of our aspirations for the world’s future with hemp. In the future, we hope to host or attend more events where we can familiarize more people with hemp, its benefits, and how to use it.

We are excited for our next educational event, which is open for anyone. On August 9, we are hosting a Field Day to show our appreciation to our growers and customers while also demonstrating new farming techniques and touring hemp, corn, and soybean fields. To learn more, visit our previous blog post describing the event, or text (816)680-8449 to chat and RSVP. Please make sure to RSVP for the event to ensure a spot at dinner and tickets for the prize giveaway drawing. We hope to see you there!


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