Farm Tours

Are you interested in seeing production agriculture up close and personal? Then come down to the Native Prairie Research Farm for a tour! We have four tour options available offering a wide range of agricultural practices to look at. View our tour options below, and call us at (816) 892-0798‬ to schedule a tour!

Farm Tour Operating Days / Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Option A

Show-Me Hemp Museum

45-Minute Tour

Check out our hemp museum, learn about hemp production and the many uses for hemp, learn how to pick quality hemp products, and build relationships with farmers that grow the miracle crop of hemp.

$27.00 / person

Option B

Agricultural Row Crops

1 hour & 15-Minute Tour

All perks from Option A, plus take a look at corn and soybean production. Learn what it takes to produce a crop, and get a hands-on opportunity with the crop.

$37.00 / person

Option C

Processing and Global Exports

1 hour & 45-Minute Tour

All perks from Option A and B, plus a tour of a row crop processing facility that exports grain to the global market. Learn about food grade and domestic crop uses.

$47.00 / person

Option D

Taste of the Country

2 hour & 30-Minute Tour

All perks from Option A, B and C, with the addition of a lunch provided by Cider House / Upcycled Orchard. Learn about how your food is prepared and where it comes from.

$57.00 / person

Participants in tours A, B, and C will be given a gift certificate they can spend on any items available at the Show-Me Hemp Museum. They can also use the gift certificate value to offset tour cost. Tour D participants are not given the gift certificate, but lunch is included in the price of the tour.

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