Field Day Guest Speaker — Sarah Stephens, Midwest Hemp Technologies

Field Day for Native Prairie Hemp is less than a week away! On August 9, we are hosting five different guest speakers from the hemp industry. Today we are highlighting the CEO of Midwest Hemp Technology and founder of Hempy’s Heart, Sarah Stephens.



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Sarah began in the hemp industry in 2018, after the 2018 Farm Bill authorized the production of hemp in the United States. She started working with CBD before realizing that a more sustainable and profitable crop for farmers is industrial hemp. Her focus has always been on her community in Augusta, Kansas, so she naturally geared her efforts towards local farmers. From this, she began to produce hemp products from hemp fiber and grain.

As a small business owner, she caters her efforts to her region’s needs. In Kansas and the Midwest as a whole, demand grows for hemp fiber and seed products, such as hemp hurd, hemp seed oil, and hemp protein powder. Chicken farmers, gardeners, and health- and environmentally-conscious consumers are her most consistent customers. Hurd is ideal bedding for chickens, partially due to odor controlling properties, and can also be used as mulch in gardens or potted plants. Hemp food products, such as hemp seed oil and hemp protein powder, contain important nutrients. These nutrients include protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which are essential to a balanced diet and long-term health. Sarah strives to produce the best hemp hurd and food products, which is evident in her business and community. In addition to hemp production, she facilitates positive relationships with other local small businesses, farms, and hemp-conscious Kansas representatives. Her work helps not only her community, but also the planet. Her efforts towards hemp legalization, regulation, and production will allow for more hemp to be planted and harvested. By its nature, hemp helps the environment by sequestering carbon twice as fast as trees and distributing it back into the soil. Additionally, hemp products can replace harmful plastics, fuel, building materials, textiles, and even paint, leading to less pollution and waste. Sarah is not alone in her efforts to help the environment — hemp is becoming more widely grown and accepted. She is helping to lead the way to a more sustainable and healthy way of life.

We are proud to host Sarah for our Field Day, due to her continuous hard work and wealth of knowledge. To find out more about Sarah Stephens, Midwest Hemp Technology, or Hempy’s Heart, attend our Field Day event on August 9 or check out her websites and social media. To attend Field Day, text (816)680-8449 to RSVP!


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